windows through rooms, world


intrinsic scriptures of sides and tracks
 - recollecting units of division
   - treeform building
     - l

three windows to the room
 , through

replacing rules and sidetracked placement
absence of rules and replacements

two windows in room
two rooms in house
two houses in city

measures of possibility

impossibility of measures
words of words

 , split worlds breached for unity

 , manned and manmade

 constant construction of tools to artifacts

 of steps down
 of upstairs
  , upsteps

a request and response

 - requests 
 - responds

 the thing artifacted

  , starred

one window through room

an exit
an entrance

one roof through the window
out in beamheight
 , sutured dwelling

 construction if 
 inform of word

in form of number
 , each room a window

 travelbox of speedy information

addition of addition over
worldcolliding identical touch

splittered instances of one order

 , spreading an objects


variations of occasions
 , the unset of passed time

 to set
  a set

there is a city on my window
and a world on my wall