a rotation in spot 30-11-2011-225637


a tronda

 , a rotation machine

 a machine 
  , always seen

 being sliding

a filter
as a filter

not necessarily obstructing

 wither and hence
 white and greys

moving boundaries
and not true

two objects of cutting

 , rotation as cut

the world's result
the worlds

 , partaking the chance of choice


and endlessly travelled

 , a travelled space
 knowing thing by heart

 , rooting itself the travelled space

seeing salt and seed

 , a rotation

shadowed clarity
 , possible boundless text


the salt building roots, salted built root


the salt building roots
salted built root

verb and noun
 , building

 , noun

roots of ground up
 seeding salt and salts

 ' i read " shadow Object " '

the question of where to write 
 , on which surface ?

floating layers compressed to one

reaching the end of clarity

 , the shipBuilder & cityBuilder
 a world of glass

   , salted glass

   grains and seeds

 , one compressed layer

dissolving cities and water

drawing upon the world

- here +

seeds as bullets
 , projectiles of earth


 , obstructing vision
 eyes of salted body
 burning flesh

and crossroads


threefold vision and crystals of salt


crystals of salt

 , branches of vision
 the triangles' further'' dimensioning'''


gates and fumes of light
 , bouncing particles reaching each endless calculation


shields of salted glass
 , glass salted in eyewitness vision


purity and imperfection
 , each boundless body limiting

 traversing and traveling the grains of salt

, crystals of salt


three thefold objects, an object and one


the foreign object before the foreign object

the threefold foreign object

 , displacing

 , ' the salt connecting the liquid '


the salty earth
 , dividing the bodies

each body
 , an object

its and their states

 primary state

the salt of the earth

 , liquifying

the salted world
the liquid city-
the shipBuilder-

i see a different border of division
 , a different state

 than final

the salt within the world

each grain registered

 , cities

 the salting


threefold self as foreign object


onefold self as foreign object

twofold self as foreign object

threefold self as foreign object

 , three folds as foreign objects


the foreign object and its threefold root


the threefold root 
 , introducing a foreign object

combining different worlds of same


 , a snapshot of state

threefold angularity
 , shaping the form of introducing 

and introduced roots

 like "plastic carbon"
  , polymerbending

 , within within the image itself earlier
 reflecting a formingState

 , an overlay
 the overlay

the troubled worlds past and future

 nine alone uproot being

 , water being the present thought registering one inverted thing 

 , a 'silhouetBuilding'

 words left as are-


 an inverted state








the year is 1538 and the light comes from the lower right side


the year is 1538
the city is amsterdam

the following sentences are written:

 , the shipBuilder
 , the liquid city
 , reading and writing within the water
 , the bleeding inversed city
 , water as the register of one thing
 , the cityBuilder

 this is now


window and window to the layer and layer of this the city now


each window opening
 , each form a form

each layer opening
 , each city a city

each liquid residing
 , each time flowing

each window opening a layer

each layer opening a liquid

each liquid a window

scaled a rescaled magical thought 
 , unthought

 decoding a past


writing into the non existent city


the existing city reading
 , written within
 and into

grey scales of metaphoric symbols

registering the skying

into the surface of an imaginary city

the liquid city shifts to invention

imagined and built

 , erasing the visible


the bleeding water being the inversed city


when all becomes liquid
when all becomes water

 , writing

bridges in between bridges
 , the bleeding into the inversed city

the liquid in between
even the bridges is
 , luiqid

 exchanging letters

when all is water
 , the endless registers of one thing

inverting the words of the sentence called city

impending inbetweens

 , the bleeding water of the inversed city

 , the in-between-water is "empty"

' writing comes before reading '

introducing writing within the water
 , reading imminent


the liquid city, inversion of chaos


material inversion
 , building a liquid

inverting the chaos to liquid
 , building a city

 the liquid city being built 

an empty volume

 , not one single being


material inversion of liquid

a single volume in the end

glass walls


three things of any given day called yesterday





three becoming four
 , crystallized entities
 connected through world and themselves

over a century
 , color fading 
over time

a halo growing as surpassing border borderspace
 , turning to existing


- ----- ---- -----
i abuse this image
- ----- ---- -----


the white table and the white chair


sitting at a white table on a white chair

they belong together

, i connect them

they are separated

, even from the tree differently

a different tree

and they become this

, this one thing

an imageless thought contradicted

, only the shadows remain untouched ..

a borrowed magnifying glass


i borrowed a magnifying glass

and stole it in the same movement

the movement

, overlaying a reality

in front of image


projection and difference, two locations


2 locations projecting themselves
 , their differences outside of them


probably not elsewhere

 , inside

and countless ..


the foreign image of a body


the foreign bodies in the image
 , functional

 not living in
 but overlaying

from black to white or from white to black

 , the black lighting from its surface
 i see a wall

i see uncountable arrows in uncountable directions


amnesia, preparing the future


backing up a couple of days

where was i ?

where was i 7 days ago ?
where was i 1 week ago ?

that form

 , slicing through to feel it

what moves ?
 , the moving or the apparent static ?



time for a commercial


6 adds

INTERLICHTSPIELHAUS & ChromaticSpaceAndWorldUniverse

 , transparency, reflection, mirroring,
 all in intermediary states ..


absent numbering insertions, reasons and risings


thinking about inserting numbers
 , transforming the risings of the suns

don't know when this is
 , but it is definitely after


 ' after where '

it is not after - a time -
 , it is after a certain 'location' took place

" location taking place "

 , risings and reasons ..

and those suns are cylinders
 , displacing