electable faces within replicating feature drivers


writing in electable ink

 the colorspace rooted
 , one page divided
 read and readr
 , reread again again

unreading the below and beyond
 , probing within driven land

 , englobing the enclosed starstrike
 the pagereading

imposing fractionated units
 , decomposing the decomposed

 , the positioning weight
 a measure of belonging

 the localizing groundness

the fractioned rebuilding
 , rehabilitation

 the way of the reverse

 , branchgraphpending

 the object
 , its side
 its in its out
  , in tin town

the stabilizing thought
 , the growing resurrection of reversal

 from beyond the after to the source

of growing resurrection to reversals

 , accumulating source and being
 expanding history
  , appending lists
  to appending stills

 recursive resurrection


within chaos to palm of hand
within hand to chaotic undone
 , the landspace
   the landscape
  thee landsky

 writing without eyes
  , the electable ink writing the elected skin


 writing electable ink