subtracting the former number



 , the difference between 2 extremes
 , the points defined

ex-random point
outgrown state of form

 earlier state
  posed and fieldplaced

subtracting form of number
subtracting form from number
subtracting the form with number

the the collageing of displacement
nonstatic field of constantsnapshotbearing

 , ex-non-random choosing
 alternating manifestations of equalsame valuegame
, within this 
contradictory statement

i-ndifferent environments in 
in-one context
 , being
 retrieval possible agent
rotating levelswindler

the former that forms 
the number that numbs

 , being visual in absence

 of images

 in absence

 , the rerouted path

visualizing the oscillatinggame valuesame
 , stable seizure of meaning
 constant alteration

  possible manifestation of wordrufsentence

the numberFormer
 [ 2 4 3 ]
 [ 2 6 4 ]
 [ 5 3 4 ]

 one white space right to the
  , semantic earthscape

  , defining connection

  swapping sequence teachermath

overexposed numberForming
 number forming number forming number forming

 space of mediacy
  , intermediate level of hang

 subtracting additions