the sequence lost in deluded endpoints


lost in start
lost in ending
 , connecting the former with the latter


o is not circle
 , it is circular

 can one pass ?
 can one bypass the ridden ?

 to resource

the eluded sequence of things
 , the dot in between events

 to draw the line

the elusive algorithm
 , the chase of looking in the right direction

 vertical instead of horizontal

the oblivious word

the stickstandraker

from to top to bottom
from bottom to top

from side to side

from left to right
from right to left

displacing the comment
 , elsewhere harboring
 applying the other event

 no thing as tree of product

the catch the draw the illicit

the grammatics of existing imaginites
 , a two curse seldom

 the expanding
 the approaching
 the sequencing

 , returning to the endpoints 
 to source the soul out of them