paradigm model pattern fairytales


ein märchen of symmetry

opening a dictionary 
17 drivers on a bordered plate
 , offsetting in symmetrical happenstances

electrical hands talking to absent bodies
 , an arm from underneath the current


almost right in the middle
 , approaching burnt air
 the heat of sound

the unapproachable
 , the unutterable description
 sideview counting the measuretaker

metropolitan ascending sandcrystals

 , crysalt
 synonymical light glassbreaking

naming the groundrule overview
laydown suture plus verbial additions
 , connecting forms to holes

 w and uppercases

calling the other the same
 , first name
   last naame

 none as manifestation of absence

occurrences as volume
 , volumetric occurrences

 volumetriggered saps and spaces

growing structures arranged
 , as islands
 is lands