simultaneous discarding and undiscarding worlding


undiscarded world, back to backflux

 , micro & macro

  , simultaneous fluctuations
  ins and outs

 the accident appearing
 , insisting
 an a
  , entity

dissimultaneous unworlding
bisimultaneous reworlding
unoutside tris .
 , at side this

  , unvisible to the eye
  rendered visible to the eye

  read by the eye

 , unwritten by the eye

 returned to the eye


 , -ding -ding and -ding -ding

 simultaneous discar and undiscar worl


 , microlding

 , crolding

as simul
 , as simultaneous ~scarding~

 as dimensions

 , as simultaneous un and re worlding

 a disreappareance