a measure of time into separated worlds and universes


boxed time into fluid solidity
 , layer upon layer of self
 i imagine it airless

 the image of here
 a continent containing continents
  , severe draught of solidute

the inner side of being
 , cealed and sealing
 cleared as water to sandy beaches

 to secondary hourly rates

 , approximate distant spaces
 curved to lure the dirt-like sand 

 purged of every exterioricity

exhaling and extruding
 , the exterior within
 no clearer and more exact time than this

 reflecting the spilling said 

absolute and close
trees of sand
 , leavy granes and grains

 with splitting thunder drops

each root and branch extending
 , groping for each sign of life
 the grainy circle shrinking

 rounding death to perfect form

a measure of time separated into worlds and universes

 , dunes and sand
 filling leaking spaces

 prevention of coming up
 prevention of coming down

 , filled leaky spaces

 space leaking
 space leaking content

 , all within
   all without

filled leaky spaces