grey scales and cases of ungreying boxes


encasing of cases
 , instances of objects to singular multitude
 country one

unboxing levels of deepening waves
 , sunken existences unreached ends
 country two

enscribed not-reaching
 , carving desire of being upon
 country three

the shrine of search and direction
 , stains of devotion and sustainment
 country four

the trail and trace engraved of
 , presence and necessity
 country five

projection and rayshining lightbulb fainting
 , the seeping and closing of possible creation
 country six

all countries and objects
 , united in continents
 the eleventh hour of time sustained

 remaining sequence of inkwell steps
 , unified finstered luminous darkness
all countries and objects

scales and cases
 , greyboxing ..

 and grey box

ungrey boxed