salty sediment object-dust breaking image of self


object of dust
dust of object

 , the perception of self

 the perception of breaking
 , of becoming separation 

the self
 , and image of self

 the aura of reading

  , deformation
  origin of asymmetry 

refraction of self
 , refraction of image of self

shapes and species
 , refracting

 the point of view
 , the outsider as environment

the object dust of object
 , o reflecting on o reflecting
 aura as screen

 the subterfuge of dissipating self

 object unforming
  , deforming

the apparent invisible
 , the metaphoric visible

  , i
  connecting self

 the projection of inner image on radiating screen

 the dust o
 o the dust

  , object o

 , from border

 the invisible rendered visible as refraction

 thickness of objection

 , objectioning

 thickness of undoing
 thickness of decomposing

salty sediment dust
 , étaler

 fluent and unbreaking doing
  , undoing of fractions

 image vs image

 object-dust vs object-dust

salt and sentiment
 , strata of thickness

within color