CHAINSELEKT reordinans



right mass behind 
the mass displayed 
voids mass of 
to mass organs 
hand mass symmetrical 
gravity mass weight 

talking skin gates 
world skin in 
pieces skin into 
returning skin machines 
the skin reading 
speeches skin sentencing 

gaining duplicating duplicated 
twice duplicating events 
reading duplicating objects 
insects duplicating the 
entrances duplicating city 
duplicating duplicating ort 

with bridge angles 
words bridge building 
theme bridge circular 
the bridge cuts 
head bridge first 
landscape bridge of 

the letter adding 
write letter block 
es letter each 
coloring letter light 
every letter of 
branching letter tree 

things territory among 
if territory as 
organizing territory named 
fields territory terraining 
ranges territory the 
variations territory two 

 , lists