texterraformingsigns collecting risingulars


enginachine introducking sitesightseights
consequentially , internal archeologies emerging

provinces in between lands and continentscentralizingcourtibraries ,
densing and redensing combiningtities achieving otherselves leveling

previous sightplanes locatingflatplaning , terraforming spherescales
interall inhabiting parts and regions providing texts of spacerising and

crysingpiazzas floored and ceilinged , eruptying forrom cores addendums
relocating position and positionforminglandcreasinglandclearing ,

rounding concavings pierced bodying inhaled swallowed
inhabitingextrapolating the center , timescaled vectors averaged

overaged lining borders frontiering servingpreveinting ins ands outs ,
terraining skins bate materialbuilding cells along the skin , alongskin

assemblingsreturniing to death , celltowers and celltowerings imprinting
the timescalestories , writing the inside within the skin withskin ,

reading readmachiningterrainskinned solidssolidbased text , within
reading itself reading self readingself writing other

writingotheralongskinned assemblingsthe reading being the skinthe
writing being the skinthe skin being the historythe skin being the

timescaleself , the plurals within singularda capo,

circularly returning
 , above

snakebiting resurrections

 , rising

 riulars " as word