liquid ways of effigy


substance volatile thickness convex or concavetorn
cased into   the roundingbending

phrasephrasinginvisiblethe worlds as charactersbeginphrasing 

approximately in the source the soul out of themiddle

fromwards fromto tofromworlds entanglements directional arrowsthe originyellow orange red

in third islands  traversing loss presenting and  paysage

                 the first phrase monolithic salts   not as they are seen in shortinside the finite cage       the

skinand distance   growing in leaps in selfgrowingscribing

wordingashnia intiaereengstrings  

                  intrah twos   subjects one   standing spacial facing

interfaces tonumber division numbering and serpentimagespecies

location  of af accepted patterns  repeated pointing out it out of them

                  intrahin divisionsunit divisional opposite rooms the worlds mutate   referencing

openingjust a very limited set the coming   the immediacy of the last of words reduced repetitive

superexposingwallwriting species   trea   leef  coinciding spacescolliding sspacesobscuring